About Acupuncture

What happens when I go for treatment?

During your first visit I will ask you in some detail about your current symptoms, what treatment you have received, your medical history, diet, digestive system, sleeping patterns and emotional state.

Your tongue and pulse will also be checked as they provide important diagnostic information.

As well as acupuncture, I may also during your treatments use acupressure massage, Tui Na (Chinese massage), moxibustion (where moxa, a warming herb, is burned over acupuncture points or along meridians move stagnation of qi) and cupping therapy (using glass cups to draw the qi by creating a vacuum between the cup and the skin).

If appropriate we will also discuss any dietary or lifestyle changes that may be beneficial.

How many treatments will I need?

A typical course of treatment will be 6-10 weekly sessions, however this may vary depending on the nature and duration of your condition.

During your initial consultation, I will try to give you an idea of how many sessions you are likely to need.

What does it feel like?

Acupuncture needles are much finer than needles used for injections and blood tests. When the needle is inserted, the sensation is often described as a tingling of dull ache.

Is it safe?

Acupuncture is considered safe for patients of all ages from babies to the elderly, though acupressure alone is frequently used on young children.

Acupuncture has a very sound track record. Single-use, sterile and disposable needles are used. Occasionally some patients may experience tiredness or mild dizziness after treatment, and very rarely mild bruising can occur. However, all such reactions are short-lived.

The Acupuncture Research Resource Centre has produced a set of Briefing Papers which review the evidence of effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of specific conditions. Please click on the links below to view the papers:

Research Fact Sheets, A-Z of Conditions
Addiction and Substace Abuse (223kb)
Anxiety and Depression (184kb)
Arthritis (209kb)
Asthma (319kb)
Gynaecological Disorders (142kb)
HIV Infection (161kb)
Infertility (Short Paper 1) (149kb)
Menopause (137kb)
Migraine (132kb)
Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy (424kb)
Pregnancy and Labour (507kb)
Sports Injuries (321kb)
Stroke (134kb)

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